The mission of MPC’s Library Ministry is to provide and promote materials that will aid the spiritual development of individuals and families and to offer a resource center for the various educational and discipleship programs and small group activities associated with our church.

Church members, regular attenders, participants in the MOPS and ESOL programs, our neighbors, and registered RTS Washington students are welcome to borrow materials.

If you haven’t already registered your family on the new McLean Presbyterian Church Library system, please register before you arrive.



We look forward to seeing you!


Library Hours

Main Library & Children’s Library: Between AM services & 20 minutes after second service

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MPC has two libraries: the Main Library is located on the upper level next to the Sanctuary and near the Tower Entrance. The Children’s Library is on the lower level near the entrance to the pre-school Sunday School classrooms (directly across from the elevator and near the always popular aquarium). Its focus is pre-school and elementary school level Christian education.

The Main Library contains approximately 12,000 books, Community Group and other Small Group study materials, DVDs and audio CDs. The collection features an extensive section of Bible commentaries as well as books on theology from a Reformed perspective, devotionals, Christian life and practice, church history, biographies and fiction. This Library also contains many teaching DVDs and audio CDs.

The Children’s Library has fiction and non-fiction materials for early readers to young teens. These include Bible stories, biographies, devotionals, DVDs and audio books. For toddlers there is a special section of board books. Selected parenting resources are also available in the Children’s Library.

Both libraries also feature an extensive collection of DVDs and television series with religious orientation or strong Christian worldviews.

Q. Does MPC have an online catalog?
A. An electronic catalog of books, DVDs and audiobooks has been developed to assist patrons in the search for materials they need. Searches can be made by title, author or key words. The electronic catalog is accessible on the touch-screen monitor at each library location.

Q. How long may an item be borrowed from the MPC Library?
A. As a general rule, materials are due in three weeks. However, if you anticipate requiring an item for an extended period of time for use with a Community Group or a Seminary class, for example, you should email [email protected] to request an extension. In addition, most items can be renewed.

Q. How do I check out an item from the MPC Library?
A. All materials that are removed from the Library must be checked out. 

First, please make sure you are registered to our new library system at:

Main Library

We have just transitioned to our new library system and the process is very simple: 

  1. Choose your item(s)
  2. Login to the new system on the touch-screen monitor using the phone number with which you (your family) has registered
  3. Scan the barcode of each item

Children’s Library 

Children’s Library still functions under the old system thus patrons should sign the circulation card in the back of the item and leave it in the designated box on the circulation desk; the next step is to take a date due card and place it in the pocket attached to the material.

Q. May I reserve an item?
A. Yes. Someone needing to reserve a library item may send an email request to [email protected]. If available, the requested item will be placed on the Reserve shelf in the bookcase located at the right of the door to the Main Library.

Q. How do I return an item?
A. Items being returned should be placed in the Return Box located just outside the door to the Library you borrowed them from.

Q. What is MPC’s policy if I ever lose a book, DVD or CD?
A. You would be asked to make a donation of a comparable amount to the MPC Library Special Assistance Fund.

Q. Does the Library use volunteers?
A. The Library Ministry functions primarily through the efforts of volunteers. If you are willing to volunteer your time and talents to this ministry, please email us at [email protected].

Q. How can volunteers help this Ministry?
A. Some examples include: assisting with circulation on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings or during MOPS; processing new materials; sending overdue notices; and checking in returned items and placing them back on the shelves.

Q. How frequently do most Library volunteers work?
A. Most of our volunteers work one “shift” per month of approximately one hour and 20 mintues.

Q. Does the MPC Library accept used items as donations?
A. Yes, but before bringing any used materials to MPC, we suggest that you email us to ensure that the items you wish to contribute are actually needed to supplement the collection. We ask that books be in good condition without underlining. CDs are accepted only if they are “packaged” as a set. The Library no longer accepts VHS tapes or audio cassettes. With the exception of Christian History and The Confessional Presbyterian, the Library does not accept magazines or periodicals.

Q. What type of donations are most needed?
A. DVDs, CDs, books, study guides and unmarked workbooks used by small groups are particularly appreciated.

Q. Does the MPC Library accept cash donations?
A. Yes.

Q. How may a donation be made to the MPC Library Fund?
A. A cash donation to the MPC Library Fund may be made by making the check payable to McLean Presbyterian Church and indicating “Library Special Assistance Fund” in the check’s memo line.

Q. May donations be made in honor or memory of a friend, teacher, leader or loved one?
A. Yes. Such donations are frequently received. If a donor requests it, appropriate dedication plates will be placed in the books purchased with such donated funds.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected].

Questions? Contact us at [email protected].