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Through our Adult Christian Education (ACE) classes, we seek to mature in Christ-likeness, being able to navigate the complexities of life with knowledge, wisdom, and grace. Learn more about our ACE program here, and explore the current class offerings below!

Survey of the New Testament

January 8 – February 19, Fellowship Hall 1 & 2, 10:45Am

The New Testament introduces us to Jesus, tells us the story of the early church, addresses the prophecies and promises of the Old Testament, lays the groundwork for our theology through letters of correspondence, and leaves us with a grand and bewildering vision of the future. How do we put this all together? You’re invited to join us as we uncover these 27 books of the Bible.
Instructors: Bill Fullilove, Chris McPeek, Micah Shelton

How We Got Our Bible & Its Priority in Christian Life

January 8 – February 19, Fellowship Hall 3 & 4, 10:45AM

The Bible is a book that we easily take for granted. And yet, its very existence is quite spectacular and unlike any other book. Christians confess that the Bible is God’s Word written by over 40 different human authors over the span of thousands of years. Plus, it was originally written primarily in two languages that are no longer spoken: Ancient Hebrew and Koine Greek. How did our Bible come to be? How did it end up in English? Why does any of that matter? Join us January 8 through February 16 to investigate the human and divine origin of the Holy Scriptures and its indispensable place in the Christian life. Instructors: Terence Little, Austin Kettle, Joe Palekas


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