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Through our Adult Christian Education (ACE) classes, we seek to mature in Christ-likeness, being able to navigate the complexities of life with knowledge, wisdom, and grace. Learn more about our ACE program here, and explore the current class offerings below!

What Do We Believe?

The Purpose of Creeds & Confessions

SEPTEMBER 11 – OCTOBER 23, mclean room, 10:45AM

Do you know what you believe about God, the Bible, and life as one who believes in Jesus Christ? Are you able to explain to someone else what you believe as a Christian? Followers of Jesus Christ are historically confessional people. You are invited to learn what it is that we believe. Instructors: Terence Little, Austin Kettle

What is the Old Testament About?

Survey of the Old Testament

SEPTEMBER 11 – OCTOBER 23, fellowship hall 1, 10:45AM

Have you ever wondered what the entire Old Testament is about? Did you know that the Old Testament is divided into three main sections? The whole Old Testament presents us with how the universe began and GOD’s relationship with humanity. The Old Testament prepares us for the coming of Jesus Christ, and our understanding for why he is the only hope of humanity both now and for eternity. You are invited to come and learn about the first 39 books of the Bible. Instructors: Bill Fullilove, Elisha Kitula, Kevin Humphreys

Who is God?

A Short Study on the Trinity

SEPTEMBER 11 – OCTOBER 23, fellowship hall 3, 10:45AM

Did you know that God is three in one and one in three? Do you know what that means and why it is supremely important for life, meaning, history, real community, and the future? You are invited to come and learn the indispensable importance of the Triune GOD for reality and all of life. Instructors: Joe Palekas, Austin Kettle


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