Sunday, June 11, 2023




For all of our readers out there, we are re-vamping our Book Nook and hosting a free book giveaway on June 11!

About the Book Nook:

Have you ever noticed our Book Nook in the Welcome Center? At the Book Nook, we sell books curated by staff and leaders within our church family. Explore our refreshed selection of recommended books starting June 11. If you’re interested in purchasing a book, simply scan the QR code at the Nook and then pay with either card, check, or cash!

Book Giveaway!

On Sunday, June 11, we will be giving away copies of books previously featured in the Book Nook. Head to the Fellowship Hall foyer all morning and take home any books you’d like.


McLean Presbyterian Church | Fellowship Hall Foyer
1020 Balls Hill Road,
McLean, VA, USA


Joe Palekas
Assistant Pastor of Young Adults
[email protected]