We’ve partnered with RightNow Media to provide free access to video resources for everyone in the Capital Pres Family.

What is RightNow Media?

You can think of it as the Netflix® of Bible study videos: RightNow Media provides instant access to an online library of thousands of video resources, including Bible studies, leadership videos, and children’s shows that you can stream instantly any time on any device.



  • How do I get a RightNow Media login?

  • How do I get a RightNow Media login?

  • How do I access the videos on RightNow Media?

  • Should I download the app?

  • Can my Community Group watch a video together in a virtual meeting?

  • I lost my password or can’t remember my login info. Help!

Just follow this link to set up your account. You’ll receive an email with instructions to activate your RightNow Media profile so you have free access to the online library.

We encourage you to update your email preferences through your profile (select MY PROFILE and follow the link to “Manage Preferences”).

All of the videos are available for online streaming through the RightNow Media website, rightnowmedia.org. Go to the website and click the orange LOGIN button in the top right corner to log in and start watching.

Apps are available for Apple iPhone & iPad and Android devices for mobile viewing. You can also watch RightNow Media content on your TV through a variety of devices like Roku, AppleTV and Chromecast.

Apps are available for Apple iPhone & iPad and Android devices, and you may find these app-specific features useful:

  • Offline playback – Download content temporarily to your device to access video series even when you’re not near an internet connection, such as on an airplane.
  • Audio-only mode – If you enjoy listening to podcasts or audio books, you may prefer to use audio-only mode to preserve your device’s power and data consumption.
  • Parental lock – Manage accessibility with a parental passcode.

Yes! You can watch content together on rightnowmedia.org using their groups feature. One person can play, pause, and rewind videos for the entire group. Everyone can use the chat window as the video plays, then discuss the video as a group with built-in video chat.

We’ve made an instructional video showing how to use this feature. If you still have questions about how to do this with your Community Group, contact [email protected].

No problem! Go to rightnow.org/account/login. Enter your email and then click the “Forgot my password” link next to the sign-in button. That should send an email with instructions to reset your password. If you still have trouble, let us know by sending an email to [email protected].