About this Series

Who Jesus is has implications for what we do. Having focused on who Jesus is, in this series we turn to some of the practical implications his grace has for us and our church as we worship, participate in community, and engage in missions.

Primary Sources for this Series

This list contains some of the resources that were used to prepare this series. Along with other resources for you to dig a little deeper.

  • Music Playlist: Spotify | Apple Music
  • Bill Hybels, Too Busy Not to Pray
  • James Forsyth, How to Pray Part 2
  • Logos Bible Software.
  • John Piper, Ask Your Father in Heaven
  • R.C. Sproul, The Prayer of the Lord
  • Paul Jeon, Unreconciled
  • Meals with Jesus by Tim Chester
  • Contagious Holiness by Crag L. Blomberg
  • Jesus Serves up Truth about His Great Banquet by Joe Novenson accessed here.
  • Hospitality in LA? Are you Serious? by Rankin Wilbourne accessed here.