About this Series

This Christmas season, as we wait for an end to this pandemic we also wait for the day when sickness and sadness, pain and death will be no more. As we study the songs of this season we will see the pain and longing we feel now, and the hope, joy, and freedom that can be ours today.

Primary Sources for this Series

This list contains some of the resources that were used to prepare this series, along with other resources for you to dig a little deeper.

  • Series Playlist
  • C.S. Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms
  • Ray Cortese, The Song of the Servant accessed here.
  • Ligon Duncan, An Ancient Christmas: The Coming of Jesus in the Old Testament: The Servant accessed here.
  • Allan Harman, Isaiah: A Covenant to be Kept for the Sake of the Church
  • Timothy Keller, A Bruised Reed He Will Not Break
  • Alec Moyter, The Prophecy of Isaiah and Isaiah (Tyndale OT commentary(
  • Richard Sibbes, The Bruised Reed accessed here.
  • Edward Young, The Book of Isaiah, Volume 3
  • Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible
  • Sermon Writer Biblical Commentary accessed here.