We’re partnering with parents to see the gospel transform students. We want students to know what it means to follow Jesus in an ever-evolving cultural context. At Sunday School, we worship and study Scripture as students learn about living with a Christian worldview.

Students meet for Sunday School on Sunday mornings at 10:45am. We encourage students to attend a worship service with their family or friends at 9am.

Ministry Details

Staff Contacts

Jake Jenkins
Director of Student Ministries
[email protected]

Anna Compton
Assistant Director of Student Ministries: Jr. High
[email protected]

Mitch Nordstrom
Assistant Director of Student Ministries: Jr. High
[email protected]

Maggie Morris
Assistant Director of Student Ministries: Sr. High
[email protected]

Sunday School

Rising 7th–12th grade students meet for Sunday School each week at 10:45am in the Multi-Purpose Room, then break out into classes (available to all grades; students are also welcomed at any ACE class).

Current Classes:

Starting in January, students will have the option to sign up for one of the following three

What Do We Believe?

The Purpose of Creeds and Confessions

January 15 – February 19, McLean Room, 10:45am

We recite them together as a congregation nearly every week, but why? In this class, students will gain an understanding of the Church’s historic creeds and confessions and their biblical origin and grounding to help us to know God, to love God, and to live on mission for God in our church, our community, and world. This class requires light reading each week from Scripture and the creeds and confessions. Teachers: Jake Jenkins 

Reaching our Friends

Sharing our Faith in a Post-Christian World

January 15 – February 19, Multipurpose Room, 10:45am

As Christians, we believe the gospel is good news for everyone and want our friends to hear it! In practice, though, we are scared, indifferent, or lazy in sharing our faith. This class will be based on a short book by Tim Keller called How to Reach the West Again. The goal is to explore together what a ‘missionary encounter’ can look like and help build a foundation of confidence for us all to engage in evangelism with friends, family, and neighbors. This class requires students to each week read select passages from Tim Keller’s How to Reach the West Again (provided). Teachers: Max Riesenhuber 

Christian Ethics:


January 15 – February 19, Room 19, 10:45am

Why, as Christians, do we think the way we do regarding morals? Some answers are easy to find – the Ten Commandments are pretty clear on idolatry. But what about swearing? Going to a party? Tattoos or piercings? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what the Bible actually says about topics like those? In this class, we will pick five ethical dilemmas to research and discuss through a biblical lens and consider how culture and our faith interact. Teachers: Anna Compton

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Breaking Bread

One Sunday a month during the school year, students in grades 7–12 meet together at 10:45am in the Multi-Purpose Room for a special Sunday School. They hear a testimony of God’s grace from a leader and enjoy homemade breakfast.

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