We’re partnering with parents to see the gospel transform students. We want students to know what it means to follow Jesus in an ever-evolving cultural context. At Sunday School, we worship and study Scripture as students learn about living with a Christian worldview.

Students meet for Sunday School on Sunday mornings at 10:45am. We encourage students to attend a worship service with their family or friends at 9am.

Sunday School Details

Staff Contacts

Jake Jenkins
Director of Student Ministries
[email protected]

Megan Welke
Assistant Director of Student Ministries: Sr. High
[email protected]

Each Sunday, students meet in the Multi-purpose Room at 10:45am before breaking into classes.

Spring Sunday School

7–8th Grades: Foundations of Grace, Part 2 (Romans)

begins January 14, multi-purpose room, 10:45am

Following the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ, the good news of the gospel spread like wildfire, starting first in Jerusalem and then throughout the rest of the world. Rome was the capital city of the world’s greatest superpower—the Roman Empire—and even in the face of persecution, Christianity was growing all across the pagan empire. As the church grew, so did opposition on the outside and false teachers from the inside. As a result, apostles like Paul sought to not only plant churches but also to strengthen the faith and clarify the message of the gospel. Though the letter to the Romans is not a comprehensive theology of the whole Bible, it is perhaps the clearest presentation of the gospel message: Jesus Christ died to save sinners.

9–10th Grades: The Purpose of the Church

begins January 14, room 18, 10:45am

Details coming soon!

11–12th Grades: Survey of the Psalms

begins January 14, room 19, 10:45am

The Psalms constitute the praise book of God’s people, Israel. They serve as prayers, praises, and worship directed from the hearts of God’s people individually toward him, as well as praises for the people of Israel to sing to God collectively in worship.

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